6th grade is the time to take advantage of the positivity and enthusiasm that students have for art. During this year, 6th graders explore many different mediums and work to express their values in the world. This gives them a voice while also giving them technical skills. Not all projects are showcased below, but the select few are exemplary.

Murals are an introduction to public art, painting, and meaning driving imagery.

Working collaboratively, students created coil sculptures using clay and glazes.

Recycled sculptures give the students a new perspective on art.

Working together to create is an integral part of the curriculum.

Finding creative ways to reflect and critique work allows for more in-depth and engaged learning.

Giving students an opportunity to create pieces based on different techniques is very important for growth, individuality, and creativity.

Providing students with the experience of a museum is crucial to allow them to truly expand their minds to the different artistic practices and cultural significance of art.

Student are encouraged to try medias they have never used before and to draw on personal inspiration.