The "middle child" of most middle schools, 7th graders are at an important stage. During art class, I strive to give the students as much of a voice in the school as possible because I feel they are often overlooked - not the baby and not the top dog. Throughout the class, 7th graders are encouraged to define causes that are important to them and create art based on personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas. These are showcased frequently throughout the halls of the school.

Creating cups based on causes that are important them gives them practice in 3D and conceptual thinking.

The "Just Because" project has become a staple of 7th grade. These portraits are in tandem with a poem that the students write completely on their own. Each year, these portraits stun and invite conversation.

Another "Just Because" photo showcases how these images are used to speak up about important topics.

Learning to create drawings using human features and text is featured in the 7th grade curriculum.

The Altered Journal project allows for a full scope of creativity and student voice.

Students craft imagery drawing inspiration from text.

Furthering painting techniques learned in 6th grade, students create beautiful landscapes.